Lingerie shopping? Avoid the fitting rooms and get professionally fitted!

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 14.09.2015

Lingerie shopping? Avoid the fitting rooms and get professionally fitted!

Have you ever been out shopping only to abandon your purchases as you approach the fitting room? If so you are not alone, according to a study by Indyme, a customer engagement specialist, the fitting room experience is causing many shoppers to ditch their choices.

In fact, the study showed that only 7% of shoppers actually enjoyed trying on in store, likely because changing rooms, especially in busy stores, can be stressful, cramped spaces with unflattering lighting and a curtain that leaves little to the imagination! No wonder many shoppers feel overwhelmed and head for the exit!

While some items do not require trying on, especially those repeat buys such as jeans, there are other items that require not only trying on, but also expert fitting.

A new bra for example should be properly fitted to ensure it offers the support and fit you need. Women’s bodies are often changing with weight loss/ gain, pregnancy, menopause and other life events affecting their sizing. An ill-fitting bra is uncomfortable to wear and it can create an unflattering silhouette with overflowing cups or bulges around the back from a too-tight strap.

Taking time out to have a bra properly fitted can pay dividends, not only will the bra be comfortable to wear but it will also offer the right amount of support, helping to ease pressure away from the back. A well-fitted bra can also help streamline the body, helping women to look slimmer and in proportion.

Here at Bare Necessities our professional fitters are experts in finding the perfect fit for your body. Allow around 30-60 minutes for your fitting, as this will give you plenty of time to try on a range of styles and brands. If you are shopping for new lingerie to go with a particular outfit, take it with you, so you can find the right style of bra to suit.

With your own changing space in a relaxed and professional environment, the Bare Necessities fitting experience is stress-free. Customers are measured over the top of their current bra and from here the fitter will select a range of bras. The Bare Necessities range includes lingerie from leading designers and manufacturers such as Prima Donna, Lise Charmel, Marie Jo and Lejaby.

The result is a bra that fits properly around the back and cup and that feels supportive and comfortable.

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