Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel offers seductive, nearly there pieces and delicate floral designs. The last word in elegant, luxury French lingerie, Lise Charmel is one of the most sought after lingerie brands in the world.

With a history built on impeccable tailoring and flawless design, Lise Charmel lingerie offers the ultimate in elegance and sophistication while never compromising on fit and functionality.

Available up to an E size, each piece is designed to offer support and comfort while also enhancing and flattering your body’s natural curves, helping to create a beautiful silhouette.

With a timeless quality, they are also able to capture the latest design trends, using a blend of sumptuous fabrics such as silk, satin and lace to create lingerie in flattering colours and patterns.

Aura Tropical

Lise Charmel Aura Tropical (A-E) 3 bra styles, 4 brief styles

Colour: Blanc Exotiq

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Fleurs De Jungle

Lise Charmel Fleurs De Jungle (A-E) 2 Styles Bra & 5 Styles brief

Colour: Jungle Flowers

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Soir De Venise

Lise Charmel Soir De Venise
(B-G) 3 styles Bra, 4 Briefs, Suspender

Colour: Venise Blue

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Secret Turquoise

Lise Charmel Secret Turquoise (A-E) 3 bra styles, 5 brief styles

Colour: Turquoise

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Raffinement Precieu

Lise Charmel Raffinement Precieu
(B-D) 2 styles bra, 4 brief styles
Colour: Finition

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Lise Charmel Antinea
(D-F) 2 bra styles, 1 brief

Colour: Skin Rose

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Boheme Desir

Lise Charmel Boheme Desir
(A-E) 3 bra styles, 6 brief styles

Colour: White

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Dressing Floral (Ambre Nacre)

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral
(A-F) 2 bra styles, 4 briefs
Colour: Ambre Nacre

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Guipure Charming

Eprise Guipure Charming
(E-G) full cup bra, 2 brief styles

Colour: Ambre Nacre

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Sexy Sortilege - SALE

Lise Charmel Sexy Sortilege
Colour: Corail (Black & Pink)

***SALE 50% OFF***

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Lise Charmel-SALE-Bras

***SALE 75% OFF***

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Lise Charmel-SALE-Briefs

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