Prima Donna Satin

Prima Donna Satin (C-H) is the best selling smooth, seam-free Prima Donna range for 15 years now. It is simplicity with timeless elegance for that smooth, natural shape under your clothes. Satin is a continuity range available in natural, cognac and summer glow

Seam Free Full Cup Bra

Ref: 016-1330
Size: D-H

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Sizes XS-M

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Seam Free Spacer Bra

Ref: 016-1336/7
Size: C-G

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Body Seam Free Cup

Ref: 046-1330
Sizes C-F

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Rio Brief

Ref: 056-1330
Size: S-2XL

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Full Brief

Ref: 056-1331
Size: M-5XL

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