Charmline Swimwear

Charmline swimwear as part of the Maryan Mehlhorn group offers an exquisite mix of colours and fabulous botanical prints.

The Charmline Swimwear range is a real eye catcher, ideal for women who like a bold look that’s still feminine and charming. Coming in a range of sizes from 12-26, each individual Charmline collection is both slimming and stylish. No matter what your shape or size you are, we can guarantee you will look your best when relaxing by the pool or paddling in the sea.

Here at Bare Necessities, we have the following popular Charmline collections available for you to buy online or from our boutique shop in Melbourne, Derbyshire: Tropical Leo, Ethno Fringes, Colour Vulcano, Soft Aquarium and Green Wildlife. If you are looking for some accessories to match your gorgeous swimwear, then look no further for we have some great cover-ups in stock too.

Rainbow Concert

Charmline Rainbow Concert
(12D -22D) swimsuit

Colour: Rainbow Black

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Modern Python

Charmline Modern Python
(12D-16D) swimsuit

Colour: Black & Multi

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Colour Joy

Charmline Colour Joy
(10-20) 2 swimsuit styles

Colour: Brushstrokes Multi

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Aqua Dreams

Charmline Aqua Dreams
(16D, 22D) swimsuit

Colour: Turquoise Aqua

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Pure Breeze

Charmline Pure Breeze
(16C) swimsuit

Colour: Black & White

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Fata Morgana

Charmline Fata Morgana

Colour: Kiwi-Smaragd

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Desert Trip - SALE

Charmline Desert Trip
(12D) swimsuits

***SALE 25% OFF***

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