Sunflair Swimwear

Sunflair swimwear is guaranteed to ‘wow’ you with its varied and eye catching style. Not only are their range of swimwear and cover-ups attractive, they are particularly good for women who take a bigger than average size. The body sizes go from 36-56 and the cup sizes range from A-H.

Sunflair’s aim to combine functionality and fashion has worked perfectly and as a result you will see a wide selection of items that are beautiful in colour, made from quality fabrics and are second to none as far as design and fit are concerned. Known for superior fit and the highest quality of fabrics, Sunflair swimwear is flattering, functional and fabulous! Browse Sunflair ranges here to find your perfect swimsuits, bikinis and beach accessories.

Mumbai Calling

Sunflair Mumbai Calling
(10-18) swimsuit, bikini

Colour: Aqua Scratch

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Oval Lines

Sunflair Oval LInes (12-18)
bikini, swimsuit, maxi dress

Colour: Aqua Pattern

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Black White Spots

Sunflair Black White Spots Mastectomy (10D-18D) Swimsuit

Colour: Black & White

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Garden Dots

Sunflair Garden Dots (10-20)
3 swimsuit styles, 2 bikini styles

Colour: Green Black Dots

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Sea Dome

Sunflair Sea Dome (10-18)
bikini, 2 swimsuit styles

Colour: Sea Green

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City Inka

Sunflair City Inka (10-20)
bikini, 2 swimsuit styles

Colour: Black & White

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Colour Bang

Sunflair Colour Bang (S/M, M/L) Kaftan

Colour: Multi Colour

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Magic Pearls

Sunflair Magic Pearls (10-18)
2 swimsuit styles, bikini

Colour: Pearl Multi

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Green Gray

Sunfalir Green Gray (10-16)
1 style Bikini

Colour: Green & Gray

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Flair Pareo

Sunflair Flair Pareo

Colour: Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Night Blue, Blue, Turquoise, Red

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Graphic Flower

Sunflair Graphic Flower (12-20)
4 swimsuit styles, mastectomy swimsuit, bikini, tankini, sundress
Colour: Flower Blue

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Sweet Garden

Sunflair Sweet Garden (12-16)
swimsuit, 2 bikini styles

Colour: Sweet Green

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Red Magic

Sunflair Red Magic (10D-18D)
crossover swimsuit

Colour: Coral

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Virgin Flower

Sunflair Virgin Flower (10-16)
2 swimsuit styles, 1 bikini

Colour: Flower Multi

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Fiesta Mexicana

Sunflair Fiesta Mexicana
(12D-18D) swimsuit, poncho

Colour: Multi Black

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Mermaids Home - SALE

Sunflair Opera Mermaids Home (12-18) 2 swimsuit styles, dress/skirt

***SALE 25% 0FF***

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Beach Peacock

Sunflair Beach Peacock
(10-22) 3 swimsuits, tankini,
2 bikinis, sundress

Colour: Peacock Beach

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Black Traces

Sunflair Black Traces
(10-22) 3 swimsuits, bikini
& skirt/dress

Colour: Black Traces

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Funny Bubbles

Sunflair Funny Bubbles
(12-16) Bandeau Swimsuit

Colour: Blue Bubbles

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New Line

Sunflair New Line (14C)
bikini, skirt/dress

Colour: Blue & White

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Latin Fireworks

Sunflair Latin Fireworks
(14D, 16D) mastectomy swimsuit, skirt/dress

Colour: Latin Multi

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Eagle Fantasy

Sunflair Eagle Fantasy (10-18)

Colour: Eagle Multi

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Clean Water - SALE

Sunflair Clean Water (10-18)
swimsuit, tankini

***SALE 50% OFF***

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Parrot on the Beach

Sunflair Parrot on the Beach
(22C) Mastectomy swimsuit
Colour: Black-Multi

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Golden Chain - SALE

Sunflair Golden Chain
(12-18) 2 swimsuits, mastectomy swimsuit, bikini

***SALE 50% OFF***

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Night Mesh - SALE

Sunflair Night Mesh
(20D) swimsuit

***SALE 50% OFF***

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