Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Lingerie

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 12.04.2018

Top Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Lingerie

Choosing your perfect lingerie isn’t always easy, especially if it’s not something that you do too often. Many women are tempted to opt for the same styles again and again, rather than branching out and considering what will really work for them. Choosing your perfect lingerie is more than just buying lingerie for practicality, it’s about what makes you feel at your best. 

How to Choose Lingerie You’ll Love

At Bare Necessities, we’re passionate about helping women to find lingerie they love. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Don’t Overcomplicate Things – There are a number of bright and bold pieces of lingerie on the market, but try not to overcomplicate things. Not only does this usually end in you only wearing each piece once or twice, but you’re also likely to find yourself bored rather quickly. Instead, choose lingerie that will remain in style and can be worn in multiple ways. This way, you’ll get the most out of your perfect lingerie.
  • Choose the Correct Size – Many women are tempted to buy a size smaller just because they don’t want to opt for a larger size, but this usually results in lingerie that doesn’t fit well and wasted money. Instead, choose the correct size. Not all lingerie is created equally and therefore it’s beneficial to try a few different sizes, until you work out what works for you and what feels best. Find a size that’s comfortable, supportive and flattering.
  • Ensure It Boosts Your Confidence – Though lingerie does have a practical point behind it, it’s also a fantastic way to boost your confidence. Wearing lingerie that makes you feel great about your body and your inner self is one of the best ways to give yourself a self-esteem boost. So, only choose lingerie that you feel at your best in.
  • Know What Works for Your Figure – Everyone is different and there are a number of different body shapes, so keep this in mind when you’re buying lingerie. Work out what works for your figure and what accentuates the areas you are most comfortable with.


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