Why Should You Choose Tummy Control Trousers?

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 01.10.2018

Why Should You Choose Tummy Control Trousers?

Described as ‘magic’ solutions Tummy Control Trousers, also known as pull on trousers, are a range of bottoms that conceal body imperfections to give the wearer a flattering look. These pull on trousers are perfect for giving a slimming effect and boosting your confidence – making them a staple wardrobe choice for any woman!

The Benefits Of Tummy Control Trousers

Tummy control trousers are highly useful pieces of clothing and are capable of transforming any look with ease. These trousers are great for giving you a huge confidence boost and letting you wear more adventurous outfits that you typically may not normally feel comfortable in. Available in a range of patterns and colours, the trousers are stylish and exciting – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Pull on trousers are made with comfort primarily in mind, so expect soft fabrics that are great to touch and provide relief when worn over your stomach for longer periods of time.

The pants are completely discreet, meaning no-one else but you will be able to tell that you’re wearing specially designed trousers. The full range of styles and fits means that the trousers look exactly like normal high street fashion wear, and ensures that there is enough variety so that you can have a range of pieces to make up your entire wardrobe if needed. 

How Do Tummy Control Trousers Work?

This stylish shape-wear utilises a range of features to give you maximum slimline aesthetic. Stretch material expands comfortably to conceal any of your body imperfections, whilst broad elastic waistbands move with your body to give your waist a flattering look. Raising above your hips these trousers smooth any bulges seamlessly, without leaving anything on show.

Using a built-in front panel your stomach is minimised by the trousers, giving a streamlined slimming effect. These trousers are far more flexible and flattering that their traditional counterparts, making them ideal for women who are conscious of their shape in particular outfits.

Choosing The Most Flattering Shape

At Bare Necessities we have a huge range of tummy control trousers, meaning you don’t have to compromise on choice when shopping for your perfect slimline solution. Our collection includes a range of styles such as leopard print, autumnal checks, animal print, indigo patterned trousers and more. We also have a huge range of fits for the trousers, including leggings, slim legs and hem trousers. 

Some of our favourite styles include the Leo leopard print trouser, which has a great pocket detail and exquisite two tone print, or the Illusion Up! Pant legging which has a slim leg – ideal for wearing tucked into boots or over ankle boots.

We offer an online consultation service, where our experts are happy to discuss which style may be the best for you. Get in touch today to see how we can help.