10 Questions About Your Lingerie Answered

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 25.05.2020

There’s a lot of questions surrounding luxury lingerie and bras, many of which we have answered below.


Answering Your Questions About Luxury Lingerie


  • What Bra Style is Right For Me? – There’s certainly no shortage of bra styles to choose from and each has a different purpose. When you are choosing a bra style, think about where and when you will be wearing it and with what clothing.


  • Should I Go For a Professional Fitting? – It’s important to have a professional bra fitting, as this will give you an indication of which size bra is best for you. Different sizes fit differently and bodies change over time, so being measured regularly is helpful.


  • Why is My Bra Uncomfortable? – You may experience discomfort if you are wearing the wrong size bra. A cup that’s too small will press into the breast and a back that’s too small will dig in.


  • How Long Should a Bra Last For? – If you wear a bra regularly, it should last between six to nine months. If you have a lot of bras and rotate them regularly, you will find that they last a lot longer.


  • How Often Should a Bra Be Washed? – A bra can be worn three to four times before it needs washing. If a bra isn’t washed regularly it can accumulate dirt, oil and sweat.


  • How Do I Take Care of My Bra Properly? – Taking care of a bra properly is key if you want it to stay looking its best for as long as possible. Always do the back up when washing it, don’t ever tumble dry a bra and use a delicate washing machine setting.


  • How Many Bras Should I Have? – There’s no right or wrong answer, but having four or more bras is recommended. You need enough to accommodate some being in the wash, as well as having enough to work with a range of clothing.


  • Should I Change Bras if I Lose Weight? – A lot of women who lose weight need to buy new bras, as the shape and size of their body has changed. You may not necessarily go down a cup or back size, but weight loss can affect the shape of your breasts.


  • Should I Rotate My Bras? – If you want luxury lingerie to last as long as possible then yes, rotate your bras. A bra will last longer when it’s not worn everyday. It’s a good idea to have a selection of bras on rotation at any one time.


  • Should I Be Hand Washing My Bras? – In an ideal world, yes, you should be hand washing your bras. However, that’s just not an option for many of us timewise. It’s important to wash your bras in a delicate setting, as underwriting can warp in the machine and harsh detergents can ruin delicate fabric.