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Bra Fitting Service Uttoxeter

Taking care of your breasts is very important, and finding the correct fitting bra can make a huge difference to your life.  When your bra fits well it will provide you with the support you need to keep you comfortable and looking great.

Here at Bare Necessities Staffordshire, we’ve been helping ladies to find the right bra for over 20 years. Our personalised fitting service offers you the opportunity to find  your true bra size, and to try on a wide range of beautiful bras to suit your shape.

What’s included in a bra fitting service?

Your bra fitting is all about making sure you’re wearing the right bra for your shape and size. That’s not all though; it’s also a chance for you to shop and update your wardrobe with some really beautiful pieces that will help you feel more comfortable and confident. Many ladies see their bra fitting as a pampering experience, and we’re here to help you feel as relaxed as possible.

During your fitting, you’ll have a personal fitter who will start by assessing your size.  She’ll ask about the bra size you currently wear and what you’re looking for in a bra.

Once this has been done, your fitter will bring you a selection of bras to try on in order to find a style that is most comfortable for you.

Then, it’s time to shop! Your fitter will guide you around our range of gorgeous lingerie, picking out items that will give you the best fit, security and comfort.  There’s no time constraint on your fitting either; feel free to browse the shop and we’ll be on hand the whole time to help you.

Our bra fitting team

Some ladies really enjoy going for bra fittings and see them as a chance to pamper themselves. There are also ladies who feel a little nervous of bra fittings, especially if they don’t know the person that’s fitting them and haven’t been fitted by them before.

Our team of fitters understand the feelings you might be experiencing during a fitting. You needn’t worry though; our shop has a lovely atmosphere and there are individual fitting rooms situated on each level.

Our fitters are all ladies with years of experience, and our service is available to all ages and sizes. We also advise ladies who have undergone surgery and  we stock a range of mastectomy bras and swimwear too.

The importance of a well fitted bra

Wearing a well fitted bra does wonders for your comfort, health and confidence.

You’d be amazed how many ladies are wearing a poorly fitting bra. It’s not uncommon for us to fit a lady and find that she’s been wearing the incorrect size for years.

The reason this may happen is simply because we’ve always worn that size. Perhaps we had a fitting when we were younger, forgetting that our breasts change over time and that the size can change too.

That said, your breasts won’t change significantly – unless you become pregnant or undergo surgery – so a good bra fitting is an investment you can benefit from for many years to come. A well fitted bra will:

  • Be more comfortable
  • Provide better support
  • Enhance your breasts’ natural shape
  • Reduce back pain from wearing poorly fitted bras
  • Look beautiful

Why do I need a bra fitting?

There are a few basic questions you can ask yourself to work out whether you need a fitting:

1) Does my underwire sit away from my chest wall?

Your underwire should sit flat against your chest wall, so any deviation from this is an indication that you’re wearing the wrong cup size.

2) Do the cups of my bra fully cover my breasts?

Your breasts should fill the cup and not bulge at all over the top or sides. If you find your breasts are overflowing or your cup is not filled, you’re wearing the wrong size.

3) Is the strap of my bra sitting horizontally across my back or riding up?

The back strap of your bra is designed to sit horizontally across your back in order to provide the best support. If it’s riding up at all, you’re wearing the wrong size.

Even if your current bra feels comfortable now, you’ll be amazed by the difference when you invest in one that fits you properly.