The Essential Guide To Bra Styles

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 30.03.2021

With so many bra styles out there, knowing which one to choose and when to choose it can be difficult. They all have a slightly different function, fit and style. There are some bras that are ideal for low cut outfits, and others that work well for strapless dresses. There are some bras that offer a great deal of support and coverage, and others that lift and create cleavage. To help you out and to ensure you are choosing the ideal bra type, we have created the essential guide to bra styles.


Different Bra Styles – Do You Know Which is Which?


Halterneck – A lot of women overlook halterneck bras, even though they are a fantastic alternative to strapless bras or having your bra straps visible and on show. With a halterneck bra, you can conceal your straps without compromising on support. Thanks to the detachable straps, the Avero Preformed Strapless Bra can be worn in a halterneck style.

Strapless – Oftentimes, you will find yourself wanting to wear an outfit but realising your bra strap is on show. Rather than having to find something else to wear altogether, you can invest in a completely strapless bra. As the Prima Donna Strapless Bra shows, a strapless bra is the ideal way to feel supported without any obvious straps.

Plunge – By supporting your bust from the centre of the cups, a plunge bra pushes your breasts together and creates impressive cleavage. A plunge bra is great for exentiating cleavage, for lifting breasts and for wearing under low cut tops.

Balconnet – If you are looking for a bra style that offers support, without offering too much coverage, consider opting for a balconett bra. Balconnet bras are very popular with women who want a strong lift and a lot of support, whilst still looking feminine and sophisticated. The Jane Preformed Balconnet Bra is a popular option, it’s supportive and stylish.


At Bare Necessities, we take pride in offering a range of bra options for our valued customers. Regardless of the type of style and shape you are looking for, you certainly won’t be short of choice. From halterneck bras to strapless bras, from plunge bars to balconnet bras, our luxury lingerie range really does have it all. To find out more about popular bra styles, get in touch with our helpful team.