4 Bra Trends To Watch This Summer

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 25.07.2020

As is the case with all types of clothing, there are bra trends to watch out for. Though there are certainly standard bra trends that remain popular season after season and year after year, there are others that turn up and make an impact. This summer, we have already seen a wide range of bra trends that everyone is loving. Gone are the days of standard and generic luxury lingerie, this summer there is a huge focus on patterns and florals.  


4 Top Bra Trends Everyone Is Loving This Summer

  • Patterns – When it comes to feminine and playful luxury lingerie, you can’t go wrong with patterned bras. There are a number of patterned bras available and they are always popular, but this summer it’s a trend that everyone is getting on board with. A patterned bra is a great way to add a little bit of excitement to an outfit.


  • Floral – There are a lot of floral bras out there and with good reason, they are one of the most popular bra trends of the summer. Floral bras can be cute and playful, such as that from Lise Charmel Fleur Aphrodite, or simple and sophisticated. It’s a great trend for making what is under your outfit a little more exciting.


  • Activewear – As Anita Active Sports lingerie shows, activewear doesn’t have to be boring. It’s important to wear a sports bra when you are working out, but that doesn’t mean settling for a plain and simple option. With this summer’s trend already apparent, there has been an influx of fun activewear to choose from.


  • Classic Black – If there is a bra style that remains on trend consistently it’s classic black luxury lingerie. Though summer often brings with it bright and bold colours, this summer there is still a big interest in classic black underwear. Black bras are classy, sophisticated and ideal for any occasion.


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