5 Everyday Occasion Luxury Lingerie Sets

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 29.06.2020

Though it’s nice to treat yourself to luxury lingerie for a special occasion, such as a much anticipated date night, there are also times when you want to keep things comfortable. When it comes to wearing underwear day to day, you want to find lingerie sets that you feel comfortable and secure in. Whether you are spending the day sitting behind a desk at work or you are off on a day trip with friends, comfort really is key when it comes to everyday underwear. At Bare Necessities, we have a range of luxury lingerie sets that are ideal for everyday occasions.


Comfortable Luxury Lingerie For Everyday Wear 

  1. Anita Active – It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a quick jog around the park or you’re planning a full workout, comfortable lingerie is important. When playing sports, sports lingerie provides the support you need. The Anita Active collection provides comfort, but still looks luxurious.

  2. Prima Donna – Prima Donna lingerie is sophisticated, supportive and stylish. However, that’s not to say that it’s not also ideal for everyday wear. The entire collection is luxury lingerie that will have you feeling your best throughout the day. It’s easy to see why Prima Donna lingerie is so popular.

  3. Safina Anita – If you are looking for luxury lingerie that’s comfortable and feminine, consider the Safina Anita collection. The Safina Anita bra looks fantastic and it’s sure to make you feel confident, whilst also keeping you secure.

  4. Clara Anita – The Clara Anita bra is soft, which means that there is no worry of it being uncomfortable throughout the day, and simple in design. However, it still manages to look just as luxurious as the more detailed lingerie options. It’s understated, but high quality.

  5. Marie Jo Christy – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that comfortable lingerie can’t be feminine and beautiful, as the Christy collection by Marie Jo says otherwise. All of the luxury lingerie in the collection is ideal for everyday wear, but detailed in a way that will give you a definite confident boost throughout the day.

At Bare Necessities, we stock beautiful luxury lingerie for every occasion. You will find lingerie sets that are perfect for an everyday occasion, as well as those better suited to a special event. To find out more,
get in touch with Bare Necessities or browse our gorgeous lingerie sets online t.