Elegance Redefined: Exploring Prima Donna’s Timeless Collections

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 19.12.2023

Prima Donna is synonymous with timeless style, comfort and support, making it one of the world’s favourite lingerie manufacturers. Each collection from Prima Donna features a range of underwear in a multitude of styles and sizes, enhancing and flattering natural curves ensuring you will find something perfectly tailored to you. 

We are going to explore the collections we proudly stock at Bare Necessities so that you can find an elegant choice made from only the finest materials.


Devdaha Collection

The Devdaha collection is a stunning combination of beautiful, pink and orange embroidery, making this range a great option to add some femininity to your collection. Available in underwear sizes S to 2XL and cup sizes D to H.


Las Salinas Collection

The Las Salinas collection combines floral embroidery with warm colours, resulting in a sensual range of lingerie. Providing an elegant addition to your wardrobe. Available in underwear sizes S to 2XL and cup sizes D to H.


Penn Station Collection

The Penn Station collection is a fabulous rich rich-toned collection. Boasting stunning golds, browns, blacks and creams, creating an animal print style to the collection. Providing an excellent fit with the Prima Donna Twist, supporting and shaping your bust. With underwear sizes available from S to XL and cup sizes D to G.


Sedaine Collection

The Sedaine collection incorporates timeless Vanilla French fabric and bright embroidered flowers, creating a stunning combination. Available in underwear sizes from S to 5XL and cup sizes E to H.


Montara Collection

The Montara collection is a gorgeous range of lingerie featuring super soft lace, creating a timeless and beautiful combination. With Prima Donna’s unmistakable comfort and shape, the Montara has become vastly popular. Available in underwear sizes from M to 4XL and cup sizes F to I.


Morro Bay Collection

The Morro Bay collection is a fun, retro range of lingerie, boasting stunning recycled details in blue and green. Along with amazing contrasting straps that will look great under your tops as spring and summer roll around. Available in underwear sizes from S to XL and cup sizes D to H.


Deauville Collection

The Deauville collection is a best-seller, and it’s no surprise with its exceptional fit. 

With a wide range of colours, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you, while ensuring you are going to have luxurious comfort and support. This collection is available in underwear sizes from XS to 5XL and cup sizes B to K.


Orlando Collection

The Orlando collection is a timeless collection, with its gorgeous pale pink and eye shadow colourways. Paired with the Prima Donna fit and comfort, it has quickly become a favourite among our customers. Available in underwear sizes from M to 5XL and cup sizes C to J.


Disah Collection

The Disah collection is an incredibly supportive range, in a daring fuschia pink colourway. Being a leading range in the warmer months, this is a great option for Spring and Summer! Available in underwear sizes from S to 2XL and cup size D to H. 


Madison Collection 

The Madison collection is a unique collection due to its combination of checks and lace. There are plenty of beautiful colours to choose from so we are sure you’ll find something tailored to your personality. Available in underwear sizes from XS to 5XL and cup sizes from B-K. 


Explore Prima Donna’s Timeless Collections

Dive into the world of Prima Donna and uncover the essence of true sophistication. Elevate your lingerie game with Prima Donna’s unparalleled lingerie today!