Make Your Lingerie Last Longer With These Top Care Tips

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 22.04.2020

Your luxury lingerie collection is made with premium materials and created with durability in mind – but there’s still a number of top care steps that you can take to preserve the high quality of your lingerie pieces. 

Look after your treasured lingerie and swimwear collection and ensure that they stand the test of time with our top tips below: 


#1 Follow The Care Label Instructions
Each lingerie and swimwear piece has a sewn-in care label detailing the individual instructions of care. Pieces with more delicate finishings, such as crystals and detailing, may require a hand-wash. Don’t follow a ‘one fits all’ rule for your lingerie – instead follow the unique care label in each piece of your designer underwear.


#2 Hand Wash Your Most Delicate Pieces
Hand washing is a gentle and unobtrusive way to clean your lingerie without damage. Minimise wear and tear by gently washing your garments by hand in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Leave your underwear to soak for up to an hour to ensure your lingerie is completely clean. 


#3 Don’t Leave In The Sun To Dry
Direct sunlight can cause the colour of your clothing items to fade. To keep the most vibrant colours in your lingerie, dry them indoors and away from natural light.


#4 Don’t Use A Tumble-Dryer
A tumble-dryer can damage delicate lingerie and swimwear. Dry your pieces naturally, by hanging them out or laying them flat on a towel. Make sure you only put away items that are completely dry.


#5 Avoid Ironing
Extreme heat can damage the delicate materials in your lingerie. Avoid ironing your pieces and instead let them dry naturally, avoiding putting them on a heater.


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