The Beginners Guide to Hosiery

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 28.11.2019

What is hosiery? And how can you use a piece of hosiery to complete your luxury outfit look? Use our handy guide to finding the perfect piece of hosiery amongst our collections and compliment the rest of your outfit today!

What Is Hosiery?

Hosiery is the collective term for leg wear – describing garments like tights, stockings, stay-ups and socks. Originating from the term for ‘covering’ – ‘hosen’ – hosiery describes the clothing that you cover your legs and feet with.

Types Of Hosiery

There are a number of types of hosiery, meaning that every shopper will find something to suit their outfit or occasion. Go bold with hold ups and stockings, or enjoy the comfort of classic tights  and stay ups. If you’re looking for a little less coverage, then you can get foot tights – perfect just for covering your ankles in the colder months.

Which Hosiery Brands Are Available?

At Bare Necessities, we stock two brands of luxury hosiery – Jonathon Aston and Levante.

Jonathan Aston of London is a highly sought after brand of hosiery that is a staple of red carpets and catwalks across the world. Jonathon Aston specialises in contemporary styling, with a range of designs including sheer tights with a vintage back seam for a seductive look or hold-ups with a bold pattern to add a fashion-forward twist to your outfit. See the Jonathon Aston collection, here.

Levante is an Italian-based designer that is no doubt one of the most well-known creators of classic hosiery across the world. Their high-quality designs ensure you feel elegant at all occasions. Their most popular designs include glossy and elegant classic tights, or soft suede opaque hold-ups and tights. Shop the Levante lingerie range, here.

Buy Your Designer Hosiery Today

At Bare Necessities, we stock a wide collection of Levante and Jonathon Aston hosiery to compliment your lingerie picks. We’re dedicated to finding the most comfortable and elegant lingerie that will leave you feeling confident for years to come, which is why we’ve stocked hosiery from high quality luxury designers across the globe. No matter what your occasion, our hosiery collections will have the perfect style for you.

To find out more about our wide range of hosiery, get in touch with our team now! Our lingerie specialists can help advise on the designs suited to you and help you find the perfect piece of hosiery to take home today.