The Importance Of A Good-Fitting Bra

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 25.10.2020

Though you may be tempted to choose the first bra that you see and hope for the best, this isn’t recommended. You may also be tempted to opt for a slightly different bra size if your preferred size is out of stock, but this is also not recommended. Regardless of size and style, wearing a good-fitting bra is vital.

Why a Good-Fitting Bra is So Important

  • Comfort is Always Key – When you consider that there’s a high chance you will be wearing a bra for up to 12 hours a day and seven days a week, you will see why comfort is so important. A good-fitting bra will be a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly. After all, no one wants to be stuck wearing something uncomfortable for long periods of time.
  • Feel Body Confident – Everyone wants to feel body confident and at their best, and a good-fitting bra can boost this in a big way. There is a noticeable difference in appearance between wearing a good-fitting bra and a bra that fits poorly. By opting for a good-fitting bra, you can feel confident knowing that your breasts are looking great.
  • Support is Important – Properly supporting your breasts is hugely important, especially if they are on the larger size, and a good-fitting bra will be able to do this well. A bra should support the breasts from underneath rather than relying on the shoulder straps. Wearing a good-fitting bra ensures that you have enough support, which can help to reduce sagging further down the line.
  • Reduce Aches and Pains – There is no denying that breasts can cause some issues from time to time. For example, large breasts can cause neck pain and back pain for some women. By wearing a good-fitting bra, you are reducing these aches and pains by giving your breasts some much needed support.


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