The Ultimate Lingerie Glossary Every Girl Needs To Know

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 17.10.2020

If you have spent any time browsing luxury lingerie online or in store, you will know that there are a number of unique terms that are used to describe the individual items. This can make matters confusing, especially if you know what exactly you are looking for but you don’t know the name of the style. It can also be confusing if you need a certain amount of bra support, as the names of different bra styles rarely give an indication as to the type of bra they are. Luckily, we have listed some of the most used – and most confusing! – lingerie words and a description to help you out.

Our Helpful Lingerie Glossary  

  • Adhesive Bra – An adhesive bra is one with a ‘sticky’ adhesive on the inside, which allows the bra to stick against your body without needing straps. They are backless and come in handy if you are wearing clothing where the back strap would be visible if you wore a standard style bra.


  • Babydoll – You have probably heard of a babydoll, but do you know what one is? A babydoll is a short nightdress adorned with a combination of lace, bows and ribbons. They are usually made using a sheer material, such as chiffon, and have narrow straps.


  • Bralette – Bralettes have become hugely popular lately, so it’s a word that is being used a lot. A bralette is a lot less structured than a normal bra, making them very comfortable to wear. They are often worn by women with smaller busts or by those who want something comfortable to wear when they are lounging.


  • Full Cup – You will have noticed that a lot of bras are described as being ‘full cup’ and this means having a cup that covers most of the breast. A full cup offers a lot of coverage, support and should not cause a crease along the top of the breast.


  • Balcony – Balcony bras as those with wide straps, a plunging centre, many cup seams and a sweetheart neckline. There are a lot of different types of balcony bras, most of which have been designed with larger busts in mind, but they are suitable for all sizes.


  • Balconette – A balconette bra is the ‘go to’ style for many women, as these bras are often seen as being feminine and somewhat sexy. These bras have a horizontal edge that goes across the top of the bust and they lift the breasts.


Though there are many other lingerie terms to know, those listed above are a good place to start. To find out more about luxury lingerie, get in touch with the Bare Necessities team.