Top Tips For Caring For Your Luxury Lingerie

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 16.01.2020

Keep your luxury lingerie looking brand new for longer! Our high quality lingerie is designed to last for years, but there are a few easy tips that can help keeping them looking pristine and ensure they remain in good condition no matter how often you wear them. See some of our top tips for caring for your luxury lingerie below:


#1 Avoid Tumble Drying
Tumble drying can ruin materials and fade vibrant colours. There’s also the risk that you can shrink your underwear! Use natural drying techniques instead to keep your lingerie fresher for longer, like hanging them to dry on a clothes line! 


#2 Hand Wash Or Use A Gentle cycle
It’s preferable to hand-wash your lingerie, but if you need to use a machine then make sure you put your lingerie in a gentle wash. Set your wash to 30c and use gentle washing powder. Using a pillowcase or special wash bag can stop your lingerie from becoming damaged within the washing machine, particularly when washing a wired bra. At the end of the cycle make sure that you wring out the wet washing carefully.


#3 Put Away The Iron
Subjecting your lingerie to extreme heat can damage it and, even worse, you could risk a burn mark. Hang your lingerie carefully and avoid using the iron! 


#4 Store Your Lingerie Carefully
Storing your lingerie in the right place is a vital part of keeping it in pristine condition. Keep your lingerie separated from the rest of the your wardrobe. Lining a drawer can prevent your lingerie from pulling on the wood, and keeping your lingerie covered in tissue paper or an alternative material can stop dust or other particles damaging the fabric. 


#5 Don’t Bleach
Don’t be tempted to bleach your lingerie in an attempt to whiten it! Bleaching your lingerie can cause damage including discolouration. 


#6 Follow The Care Labels
The most important piece of advice – always read the care labels on your lingerie! Each of our pieces comes with a care label that will outline any specific care instructions that are needed for your product. 


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