How to Choose the Perfect Designer Nightwear Piece

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 21.12.2022

We spend half of our lives asleep or lounging, so comfortable nightwear is an essential addition to any wardrobe for comfortable sleep and relaxation. Designer isn’t just for wearing outside of the house, luxury nightwear is the perfect treat that will leave you sleeping peacefully.

Nightwear has been specially designed for sleep, with considerations for comfort and practicality. Finding the right sleepwear for you is important, so how do you choose the perfect designer women’s nightwear for a good night’s sleep?


Luxury Pyjamas for the cold

Cottonreal button-up Pyjama set with pebble-grey leaf pattern

If you feel the cold, longer nightwear sets may be the right choice for you. Cosy down with luxury pyjama sets, like the Cottonreal pyjama set

Cotton pyjamas are a great choice for the winter, providing full coverage and breathability that are perfect for withstanding the cold. 

The pebble-grey pattern of leaves on this luxury set makes for a cute, fun bedtime look.

Cottonreal floral robe

Adding a cosy robe to your nightwear can be another way to keep warm during the colder months. Easily added over the top of your pyjamas, or removed when you start to warm up, there is no easier way to add luxury to your wardrobe. Why not try adding a Cottonreal robe for added comfort during the darker nights?

Warm weather luxury nightwear for women

Cottonreal Shortie Pyjama set in white/grey stripes

Choosing the right pyjamas for warm weather is essential for comfort in the summer months. If you struggle with the heat, no matter the time of year, a lightweight cotton nightwear set may be the ideal choice for you. The breathable material helps to regulate body temperature, feeling cool to the touch and allowing you to sleep soundly no matter how warm it might be.

Aim to wear shorter pyjama sets like the Cottonreal Shortie Pyjama Set. Shorter sleeves and shorts allow more air to reach you during sleep, for a comfortable rest in uncomfortable temperatures.


Stunning, Sexy Nightwear

Lise Charmel Secrete Emeraude Green and Black Chemise

Just because you’re going to bed doesn’t mean you can’t feel on top of the world. Your bedroom is the perfect place to let your confidence flow with nightwear that leaves you feeling beautiful, feminine and confident. If you are most comfortable in items that show off your body, or short slip-like dresses, then a beautiful chemise may be the perfect piece for you.

The Lise Charmel Secrete Emeraude Chemise is a sensational addition to anyone’s nighttime attire. Soft straps and silky material makes for a comfortable night’s sleep, while the beautiful green lace adds a sultry, feminine look that will leave you feeling confident in yourself. Create the ideal outfit with matching Secrete Emeraude lingerie.

Add layers to your chemise or night dress with a delightfully silky robe like the Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Dressing Gown for added comfort.

Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Dressing Gown in Blue

Discover the perfect women’s designer nightwear from Bare Necessities

At Bare Necessities we believe that luxury should be experienced at any time of the day, nighttime included, which is why we provide a wide range of luxury nightwear and pyjamas that would be the perfect addition to any bedtime routine.


No matter your preference for style, comfort, size or shape of nightwear, we have a designer option to help you find luxury even in sleep.

Get in touch with our friendly team for more details about our designer collections, or check out our full range of designer women’s nightwear today. No matter your choice we hope you sleep well!