Why Prima Donna Bras Are the Only Bras Women Are Buying

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 12.10.2021

There are very few underwear brands that affect such a luxurious, charming aesthetic as Prima Donna lingerie can. The brand’s designs are not only highly attractive but inclusive as well, with a range of styles to support body types across the board.

Where Prima Donna is perhaps most iconic is with their selection of opulent, intricately crafted bras. From sensual, sexy styles to designs that emphasise function, they are in many ways a blueprint for what a modern bra should be.


What Makes Prima Donna Bras Worth Buying?

Here are some of the key reasons we’re in love with our Prima Donna bras.


Worldwide Popularity

Sometimes it’s not a fad. If a brand is known worldwide for its dedication to excellence, there’s a very good reason.

Prima Donna is recognised around the globe for producing high-quality lingerie that champions the female form. There are no unnecessary embellishments that sacrifice comfort in favour of style. Instead, Prima Donna bras are holistically and thoughtfully manufactured.


Unrivalled Support

Prima Donna bras are engineered to perfection, providing the support you’d expect without sacrificing comfort. Because they deal with larger cup sizes, the need for comfort that lasts throughout the day is paramount. 

The brand was born with a commitment to giving women with larger busts the support that was lacking in many popular bra manufacturers. This ethos has only been reinforced throughout the years and backed up with a host of styles that allow self-expression as well as all-day comfort.


Beautifully Designed

When discussing the Prima Donna brand, it would be a crime not to mention the exceptional designs they’re known for. With their bras, there’s a clear visual style that runs throughout: intricate floral designs forged from high-quality lace flow perfectly into the supportive cups, which are often made from materials like satin for comfort. From the beautiful Prima Donna First Night range to the classic Madison collection, there’s something for everyone.

Pretty, playful and powerful are core pillars of the Prima Donna design ethos, as evidenced in the Prima Donna Deauville range (which we’ve written about before in our blog). In short, they’re unmistakably feminine in form and function. 


Inclusivity in Their Wide Range

Prima Donna is an example of a brand that doesn’t focus solely on one body type for marketing purposes. Instead, their inclusivity is a large part of why they’re loved by women the world over. 

While Prima Donna makes bras for women of all sizes, one of their primary goals is to craft lingerie for women with larger breasts (up to a J cup) to give them the support they need. Their understanding of bra design is simply unrivaled, and this is exactly why they’re so popular and well respected today.


Find Your Perfect Prima Donna Bra Today

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