Picking a Flattering Swimsuit For You

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 18.08.2019

Summer is the perfect time to show off your new swimsuit! But how can you make sure you pick the perfect piece that accentuates your finest features? See our handy guide to picking a flattering swimsuit that will have you looking and feeling at your most confident!

Looking for curves?

If you want to give the appearance of more curves choose a swimsuit design that will flatter both your top and bottom. Swimsuits with belts accentuate the bottom, whilst bust-enhancing features including padded tops and ruffles.

Don’t want to show much cleavage? 

Go for a design that has ruffles or a decorative piece covering your bust. Make sure to keep away from skinny straps on the swimsuit and choose a piece that has adequate support.

Want to flatten the appearance of your tummy? 

Show off your finest features whilst making your stomach appear leaner by choosing swimsuits that have panel designs on the side, or prints that go down the middle of your body to make you appear elongated. One-piece swimsuits give an ideal tummy control to help you feel confident as you hit the pool!

Want to enhance your bust?

Lifting, push-up and padded bikini or swimsuits will help you make the most of your bust. Ruffles on your swimsuit are also great for giving the appearance of a larger bust.

Want to take focus from your bottom?

Choose a swimming piece that draws the eye toward your upper body. Pick brightly coloured tops that draw the attention to your top whilst making sure that your bottoms are a solid colour.

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