Your Guide To Purchasing Mastectomy Underwear

Author - Jane Eyre Posted: 13.09.2018

Your Guide To Purchasing Mastectomy Underwear

Mastectomy underwear is a range of specially adapted lingerie, designed specifically for women who have undergone a full or partial mastectomy.The lingerie range is created to give women confidence post-operation, leaving them feeling attractive, comfortable – and confident. 

There are several different types of mastectomy lingerie including bras and swimwear, available in a huge range of styles including lace, embroidery and embellishments – meaning there’s a stylish piece of underwear for every occasion. 

What Are The Features Of Mastectomy Lingerie? 

There are many typical features of mastectomy underwear and swimwear that differentiate it from traditional lingerie styles and make it suitable for post-surgery wear. When shopping for mastectomy underwear you can expect to see:

  • Breast form pockets. These work to keep prosthetic breasts in place and to house temporary breast shape inserts.
  • Adjustable straps. These allow you to align and balance your inserts and keep breasts symmetrical at all times.
  • Supportive. The lingerie is typically highly supportive.
  • Soft. Mastectomy underwear is specially designed to be soft and comfortable, particularly in areas that may provide discomfort, such as around scarring.
  • High neckline and arm openings. These swimwear shapes are often present in mastectomy swimsuits and are perfect for providing confidence to ladies who wish to cover their scarring.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Mastectomy Underwear? 

When shopping for your post-surgery underwear, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What level of support does the bra offer? 
  • Is the bra soft enough? The bra needs to be soft, particularly in the scarred areas, which will help you to feel comfortable when wearing. 
  • Does the bra have underwiring? If you have a prosthesis it can be better to choose a bra that has no underwiring, as the wire can affect how the prosthesis sits (particularly during early stages), and may cause discomfort. 

Types Of Breast Inserts

There are several different types of breast inserts, all of which can be used with your underwear. These include:

  • Silicone breast forms. As the most popular form of breast pad, the silicone prosthesis is simple to use.
  • Foam breast forms. A common alternative to the silicone breast insert, these light-weight foam breast pads are sometimes preferred. 
  • Aqua breast forms. Popular in swimwear, aqua inserts are water-resistant and dry quickly – making them suitable for water use.

Getting Your Post Mastectomy Bra Fitted By A Specialist

Here at Bare Necessities, we have over 20-years’ experience on advising and fitting ladies looking to find their perfect bra. Different bra types are suited dependent on the level of surgery you’ve had, and how long ago your operation was, meaning that our experts can consult on which bra would be most suitable to you. 

We’re happy to advise you remotely too, so drop us an email today or give us a call on 01332 865554 to find out more about our range.